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Obama Wants To Give U.S. Missile Defense Secrets To Russia

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#1 NBT Truth

NBT Truth


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Posted 23 January 2012 - 06:09 PM

Can somebody tell me the rationale for this? I think this warrants a phone call to our congressman....


#2 907ie



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Posted 23 January 2012 - 09:24 PM

I'd bet he already has given them all the data they could want.
This "discussion" is just more theater.
Listen carefully to what the reds have to say, read between the lines.
Clearly, something will have to be done about the "rogue" US Military, bombing and strafing women and children.

#3 SJL



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Posted 31 January 2012 - 05:14 PM

This is a rehash of the Clinton policy of giving tech to the Chinese, all in the name of being nice to the third world savages. We also have a program to teach muslims how to build rockets with Nasa, instead of flying our Space Shuttle.

This is the direct result of communist manipulation of the GOP Establishment and playing in the gender and racial bigotry of the feminist Bill Clinton political group. Ever since FDR the re-re "white American Indian" got to be given a free bomb by scientists, we have not been able to hold on to the tech for the savages. If FDR could get it, then the others could too.

People blame Bush for the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, but, if we are to play this first to blame game, it was our siding in innane favoritism for muslims in Kosovo that started all this mess. Bush II did not want to clean up the Clinton policies of giving in to push Russia to desillusion once we sided against the slavs and for the muslim savages who have no care for intelligence but for political narcissistic recognition - one based in feminist gender and race paranoia and bigotry.

Russia has poor weaponry that only low level third worlders can afford to learn how to use. There is no way third worlders can use US hi-tech. This is why the liberals are manipulated to promote savages in Kosovo and the Arab Spring. This will lead to Russia becoming the middle-man for weapons making (we give them our hi-tech with the French tagging along, and they get to sell their crap to down trodden dummed down nations which cannot or would not want their people to handle hi-tech gadgtery, and, after all, there is a need for a primitive slave labor which would survive nuclear war), although China is becoming a serious competitor in this... sheesh.

Now, we could have coopted the mess in Kosovo, put on a science and brain respecting crusade against the muslims with the Frenchies and the Slavics in check, helping us out. But nooooo.... Bill Clinton, the gender, money, intelligence and race envious who could not stand a smart black man or woman, had to politicize the whole thing because he is in the blackmailed net of the communists who misadvise him and drive his drug induced adolescent paranoia to the tilt. Meanwhile Bush II did not dare clean the Clinton Kosovo mess, nor even mitigating the slavic group in it.
For sure, I do not care which side we took in Kosovo, but I do care how we took either side, and this is what matters the most. We went into this manichean political retarded drive of labeling one side good and the other side bad, all because of political paranoia and the communists tilting this for the worst. We failed to make it a crusade for level headedness with good due process, but instead made it some kind of smokes and mirror due process to look good and did not keep the slavs tamed while sweeping out the Albanian muslim mafia in incarceration.

So we are inheriting a mess now with Obama, it's only too obvious. ANd it is obvious that WWIII hinges, like WWI, on how well or badly we solve this muslim balkan problem. It's going to blow.