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Anatoliy Golitsyn's testimony to US Gov't

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Posted 04 July 2011 - 06:08 PM


Somewhere in the files listed on this site is a 200+ page transcript of the interview of or testimony of Golitsyn (spelled "Golitzin" or "Golitsin" in these transcripts - cf. Rocca, Angleton, David Murphy, etc.).

I am certain of it because I was reading it the other night - I think it's 226 pages, and I can't remember which event it's associated with. Actually the 20 or 30 pages of it that I read were a little disappointing, because he did sound a little loopy compared to the other witnesses/interviewee (although I haven't read Nosenko's yet).

This site is awesome, and contains what appear to be full files from the Warren Commission, the House Sub-Committee on Assassinations, the Rockefeller Commission, the Church Commission and the Watergate affair. But somehow when I went back through the documents today I couldn't find the Golitsyn document. Please help me find it again!