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Mitt Romney

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#21 pizzaman



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Posted 09 April 2012 - 12:18 AM

Let's all have a slice of pizza! <<)
"Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God." Thomas Jefferson
You can twist perceptions, reality won't budge. Rush 'Show Don't Tell'
"The best is yet to come..." Barack Obama, re-election victory speech, 11-6-2012

#22 SJL



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Posted 21 April 2012 - 02:03 PM

I do not know about NWO, but I know about Planned Parenthood. And, my take is that Obama is planned parenthood red diaper baby from day zero. Note also that the Soviet Union's social services have never been disbanded. The manipulation is going on.

As for Romney, he is the perfect manipulated stooge the left wants to run: he will not be liked by JEws (Mormons convert Jews after they die), nor by conservatives (liberals will talk about how he is anti gun), and he will be construed as a CEO who is pro-slavery (despite liberals being antigun in the Zimmerman case and making it a race issue). Liberals want to enslave blacks and disarm, and, yet, they can keep parading around that the GOP is antigun, especially with the like of Romney.

So, question is, is Romney another Planned Parenthood manipulated being? He sure is a bit dum and can be raised to hate and authoritarian as a mean to look smart (Waco massacre), but communists are very good at ambushing people during their liberal sabbath, when they let loose, and then telling them to be responsible and vote for Bolivar or what not.

Watch the game begin. This is a story of setting up an ambush, forgetting 911 and remembering instead triffle issues like that of Zimmerman.

Each way we turn, it's not looking good at all for America. There are ways to defuse the situation and play some sides against each other (watching Centrists get destroyed by Obama could be sobering for those not sure), but the emotionality is very problematic. If we do not have a handle on it, it's bad. We are going to default like Roosevelt to Stalin Planned Parenthood.

#23 Ipcress



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Posted 22 April 2012 - 08:16 PM

The more closely I've looked at Romney, the more I've had similar concerns. It's been mentioned here multiple times before that one of the main goals of the commies was to gain control of one or both of the major political parties in the USA, and I can't help but wonder if they've finally reached that goal. I'm not suggesting that the candidates themselves are working for the other side, but it does seem that the Republican 'machine' – or at least its leadership – has been compromised.

True conservatives are eliminated from the pool of potential candidates as early in the process as possible, and we eventually end up with the same brand of so-called "moderates" every single time. A true Reagan-style conservative committed to dismantling the welfare state, eliminating crippling government regulation, and rebuilding our national defense would rally the voter base more than anyone has in 30 years – but these kind of people are no longer given a voice in the Republican party.

I would vote for Allen West in a heartbeat, but his chances of ascending to presidential candidacy (should he choose to pursue that goal) are probably close to zero. I don't have any proof that it's because the integrity of the Republican party leadership has been compromised to commie interests, but such a theory is not all that far-fetched. After all, the DNC is now more or less an extension of the CPUSA.

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Posted 22 April 2012 - 11:29 PM

It's the American people themselves who share a portion of the blame, me included.

When's the last time I made time to get involved?! Who else can say the same thing?

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Posted 23 April 2012 - 12:04 AM

What is surprizing to me is the quantity of psychologists and lawyers out there modifying the messages and making the left feel adequate, while the GOP has no similar language support that would make it feel adequate (so to speak) with a conservative message and mandate.

Thus Israelies are called settlers instead of Jewish refugees, and vice versa with Palestinians.

Or you have strawman arguments, such as homophobics are gays, while regardless whether one has such alleged demoralized tendency that it means it's bad to reject homosexuality. What about homosexual sexual harassment which is a plague in this country that is not even raised, one much much worse than that of men against women, in fact.

Or, furthermore, the fallacy that they are pro-choice, manipulating the opposition into being pro-life, when in fact the pro-choice can be made of people who oppose mandatory style Chinese abortion, or the real police state word Planned Parenthood. But the camp of the Planned mandatory abortion and Obamacare is hiding behind the falsity of being free and pro-choice liberal tent. And what about the privacy of women, people with AIDS and family court? That too is incredible that a spouse is not allowed to figure what another spouse is doing, causing widespread fraud in marriages.

Then you have skewing issues like Civil Rights which are perceived to protect blacks more than being a white issue.

Worse is the pill issue, because it directly attacks churches which promote chastity and vows of poverty of nuns, while promoting things like Islam which force all women to be dependent on a society requiring all women to have sex at some point in their lives.

Why is it that these messages which would increase the adequacy and unveil the radicals are not formulated?

THus, GOP contenders like Romney can play the pro-gun card while they run for the primaries, but they never are meant to feel adequate. The enemy knows their weaknesses. I am not against Mormons because they are not per say against Christians or rabid like communists. However the enemy knows they give in to the "Democracy" of their feelings or rationalizations about certain aspects of the Bible. Communists have a keen sense of that, more so than Nazis did, because communists are cynical, and they will always mingle in a festivity and then ambush people who will enjoy money or a bash, telling them they are irresponsible and not united in changing the world for the better, effectively taking the "leadership" in most abnoxious self-righteous con job ambushes which are the exact model of communist take over of a nation that spends a lot during a peace dividend, going bankrupt, chaotic and confused, with adultery denounciations starting to fly during the sobering process, and communists taking the helm at this very moment, looking sober and controled.

This has been their "revolution" game. They love to blackmail, reveal, accuse and get everyone paranoiac and to share their paranoia and fear. It's uncanny how they do it, how they manipulate intelligent folkes into a narrow sighted mood of condemnation and shame and self doubt, instead of assurances that we are all cool with each other, that we help and that we should not throw the baby out of the bath water, self hating and giving all the power to a crazy individual or ideology like this.