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Uncle Vlad

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#1 Ipcress



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Posted 12 March 2012 - 03:46 AM

Before it gets buried in their archives, I wanted to post a link to Ion Pacepa's new article on American Thinker:

Tsar Putin

He covers a lot of important facts in there. It's been so long that I'd forgotten about the strangeness surrounding Yeltsin's "resignation".
I don't agree with his downplaying the threat of "a mortally dangerous Russia", but it's still a very good read.

We must keep in mind the murderous nature of these people, despite the fact that they've kept it reasonably well-suppressed for the past two decades. Whether there's a secret Politburo or not, I fear we may be witnessing the rise of the next Stalin.

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Posted 12 March 2012 - 10:31 AM

I think you are right, because they are about to be in full control. All they need now is a leftoid right winger knee jerk type like Mitt ROmney caught in an economic embroglio while he is fully penetrated by liberals.

This is another Ice Breaker moment for Russia, a sort of soft NAtional Socialisting failure in power. We might very well see a purge of liberals as the government is going to lose jobs to enemy technicians in the sphere of the military and nuke arsenal upkeep. That will cause an anti-Chinese and anti-Eastern movement inside the Union shops of the government, thus cooperating to make the US look Nazi.

Then they have their excuse and Hitler reason to side with a Lenin (even if Primakovian jewish in style) or a Stalin (Putinian) against an American Hitler for history's sake... a nice potemkin battle with real nukes, CHernobyle controled blow up style.

They are wholly dependent on the "trust" of the charade making, to the very conflagatory logical end of plasma death entropy theory re-education system for the blind masses, making them fully reliant on them after they take power, unquestionably, following the North Korean army welfare model of reinforcing the government service.