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A Noble Lie

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Posted 01 February 2012 - 12:02 PM

I think this will meet with criticism however I think it is of extreme importance to understand reality as it is rather than perception. I urge you to buy the DVD documentary , "A Noble Lie". It is an authoritatively researched investigation into what really happened at the OKC bombing. Whether it is communist infiltration and subversion or homegrown corruption, this documentary leaves little doubt there is corruption of monumental proportions within our federall government. The nutshell of the movie is our government was at the very least complicit in this tragedy and they have the clear cut evidence to prove it. Eric Holder has his fingerprints all over OKC as he does with Fast and Furious and Operation Gunrunner- all with the same goal of demonizing patriotic Americans and taking away our liberties. Now I am not promoting or suggesting he is an NWO operative or that OKC was an NWO operation as I know this is sacrilege here. My position is I oppose ANYONE who acts in a manner counter to the best interests of American national security and liberty regardless of their motivation. My desire is to seek truth even if it upsets my paradigm(s). I also have no motivation other than the preservation of our Republic and a future for generations to come and I know America and the West in general are in a very precarious place in history. This is really not a discussion thread as much as a suggestion to get the documentary. If you have seen it then of course I welcome opinions and feedback. God Bless America.

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Posted 01 February 2012 - 08:29 PM

I do not think there is a link between OKC and fast and furious. So far I believe, however, in this sort of feminist approach to such blind hatred of government that everything is attributed to it.

It's like the fanatic "you go girl" attitude I get from American women who are happy to see foreign Chinese women and Russian brides destroy the lives of American men who are not good men but, who, still have interests and stakes of moneys in America that are being funneled over there instead of kept here as a result of this foolishness.

What benefit is there in this kinds of dangerous fanaticism?

I could see Holder's race paranoia being motivated by communists or enemies abroad so bad that he would pull such antiAmerican stunt as fast and Furious so as to satisfy his idiotic fanatic "you go big black gay man" satisfaction. I could see others like McVeigh falling on the side of Holder in his blind hatred of Holder, and same thing with antigovernment NWOers. However I cannot see even a government dividing against itself in this.

There is also the angle of Obama claiming he is smart and not ideological.

This is strange, because that would mean, in the eyes of emotional "you go girl" voters, that he is like a gay politician: he sides with the woman or against Christians, so as to take their money, and not really because he is particularly antichristian or not.

There are two angles to politics: one is the cold mathematical playing with marbles of colors so as to gain votes and adapting, and the other is an ideological cling to the "physics". Sometimes it is difficult to see if the Kremlin still believes in ideology or if it is using it as a weapon.

Hitler favored a fovoritism of the perceived strong, while Stalin favored communist favoritism of an eventual resignation to death. However the latter also favored an "unequal" communism of strong bolshevism over menshevism, like, a "more equal" form of communism, which might be NBPish or with nationalist strong components not unlike Hitler's. But that's the physics.

One thing is sure, one cannot buy soldiers, but one must make them and inspire them and motivate them. The material and the physics of science imply thus the importance of that. Communist pretend to subscribe to that and yet they subscribe to Islam which is against that.

So it is much more complicated than that.

If our government was really serious, it would have appointed a sort of Marshal or 5 star general and moved seriously to a world conquest, with, say, DC as a sort of 3rd Rome. But there is none of that on the radar.

What I think and witnessed is that our government is dependent on welfare paycheck and benefits. I do not see an attack on OKC fulfilling this. The government, contrary to popular thinking, is extremely budget aware and dependent. It does not care if you are a drunk, but if you take that money you are not entitled to, they go crazy. It's not conspiracy, it's wholesome dependency and insecure type personality incapable of thinking beyond the next pay check and pumping shoes without caring what they are made like or for.

Karl Marx was not for the worker but for using it. He knew that the worker could pump propaganda as he could stamp metal at a factory without caring one bit as to the consequences, so long he had a pay check and benefits in the short term.

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Posted 02 February 2012 - 01:57 PM

Addendum: Hooker products

A prostitute is not exactly the same as a hooker. A hooker can work in a cult to get guys caught in.

This "Noble Lie" false dog trail (for those foolish enough to follow it before getting a scan of the landscape) is a hooker product. Once you follow it, you are part of it. And once you are part of it, you can be blackmailed for being part of it. Been there done that during the war on Kosovo when I entertained some "common thoughts" with the enemy against us. I were not a citizen yet by then, so, whatever, I still have this "explanation", or, rather, advantage of the look from abroad.

It's a wilderness of mirror out there, every one is a sinner, governments, domestics, foreigners etc... However, why should we go with the same narrow collapsed imploding trail to certain orgasmic anger of SCAPEGOATING the US government and not, say, the Chinese.

Ron Paul falls in that line of people ready to pay our debts to China with a blind eye guilt on the Feds, without looking at the Feds hooked to an obvious loan shark fraud product in the first place, while making us look like we are the ones exploiting and getting a morsel and bite at China.

The Russians are playing the game again in there. Getting the US and CHina in a tiff hooker situation and what not, sheesh. I hate asians, but, not so blindly. They can prove me wrong.

The Noble Lie story there has some truths, but the big picture, no single trail following dog has it.

I know plenty like you in my line of work who repeat that they are patriot, and they can express it down pat better than I could ever, with every single word of the "module" by rote. It's worrisome, such professionalism and language getting abused like this, and it gets bureaucrates and judges constantly screwed and hooked too.

A hooker usualy shows no interest in what the other side is saying or has. All she is waiting for is information or something to cling the guy with. She believes she has something good on him. Sometimes she knows, sometimes she does not, sometimes she is going to find out. It's a game.

She is only getting real interested once she has the goods. Then she opens up quite well... or she lets the guy keep paying the tab, begging, until he is milked out of his wits and brains and blows his brains out in depression.

Poker players and hookers and bar hoppers, yep, that's the ticket of the petty game our enemy keeps playing and we are getting had like little school girls every freaking time, caught in adulteries and betrayals and then blackmailed, without really consciously knowing they are blackmailed.

This is the art, folkes. Our state thinks it can play "The Firm" by getting men caught in its nets of commitments {{ and, frankly, a country is a commitment, and not just a career, and this is why service should be virtualy compulsory (ie. either you are a full fledged US citizen or you are a douche bag citizen, same difference, whether you serve(d) or not) }}, and the enemy is making sure those get broken up and extract tech, information and what not brain blowing situation as a result. Every little department has its own hooker method competitive reasons and personal tracks, and they cock block each other, one agency against the other, and that is ugly.

We tried to stop that after 911 when BushII set up communications, but now it has been rescinded again, because, again, we are compromised. So, there we are, this is the real truth, imo, behind what is going on in Russia or wherever... games games games... hypocrisy and yes... However, choose your side, it's too easy to scapegoat your own because you do not want to play the game or because you are a hooked hooker. THe issue is to make it as bloodless as possible (James Bond escapade notwithstanding with false leads of information for the hooker who think she hooked him), to not play by the blood game, but we cannot do it until we control it all.

So it is a damned if you control the world and set the games right as a referee, or damned if you do not and play the game, the old Indian Nifong Duke Lacross Trail game, with real blood, 911, and let them "decide" for themselves how it is going to play out. However, choose your team, and you cannot take from Christ the credit that only Him has never plaid the lottery and play the self righteous card of winning without bloodshed etc... It's a process, it involves at the very least sweat, bloody and painful births and what not.

So, stick around, it's always interesting to see new patients. I know this site has a low tolerance for hooker products as it becomes a nuisance and disruptive, but, it's a good exercise.

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Posted 02 February 2012 - 05:12 PM

By the way, what is really happening is a politic of surrender and appeasement to fascists abroad, like Arabs (maybe the OKC and Flight 800 cover ups), Mexico (fast and furious reparation to a Mexico at war or suing the US for all the killed there because of Holder)...

The Israel Palestinian peace accord was based on the same appeasement precedent policy, one which was adopted with Israel in concert as a result of our involvement as brokers of the accords. This was the real "earmark" within that "local" agreement, ie. that the US would change its policy to appease enemies. Bin Laden read it well and attacked us on 911 to change our policies to his will. It was his chance.

The current crop of US Internationalism is smokes and mirror for total surrender. Fighting the government is like beating a prostituted wife who is about to die - ie. it is cruel and pointless. Sure, the government is large in scale, but as an entity in and of itself, it's only one vs. you or me or anyone else's personal entity.

The way a leader cares for a child is the way he cares for a nation. The nation and force size matters not. A failed father/mother/leader/government is a failed one who loses that unit and itself.

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Posted 04 February 2012 - 10:29 AM

Who was McVeigh?

McVeigh rotted in jail, and his rotting and agony was shortened by the grace of God for his own stubborn sake through his execution. He was like a tree blooming in winter who sooner or later would get frozen dead, a flake, a premature masturbator and ejaculator as he watched porn before the bombing. He was a porn watching gay aristocrate at the most to his credit. There is no blood that McVeigh shed that would make green grass grow.

I have seen many of these incarceration bound and minded cowards. Sometimes they call themselves martyrs. But a true martyr does not shakle himself to a bomb. He dies to make things better around with the conviction that the blood of this sacrifice will not be shed in vain, but for good legacies, for positive results, heck, for one's hopeful resurection, so to speak (my faith notwithstanding). He will fight free with a rifle in hand like a tiger attacking a land of tigers, dressed as one, and not oppressed by a scheme of walking in with a bomb like a lamb, because only a lamb fits in a lamb's world to infiltrate.

This is the difference between those who shed one's blood for something and those who attack the very prison they need to stay in, they need to learn from...

Frankly, I do not like the idea of government and incarceration, but choose our jail wardens vs. theirs, I choose our prison living condition. Because the little liberal harlots out there who hook this or that taxpayer's son and daughter for other hooker projects abroad, will have to ultimately, once controled, and despite doing unwittingly a job for us, be taken back home and reoriented at the very least in some sanity ward.

Because, once the foreigners and communists who really are the ones using them are done with them, once they get their crops or rotten lands, they will cut her head of. Her job will be done. There is no honor with these people, and liberals know that or should know better. Heck, we might do it ourselves unwittingly as we did it to McVeigh. His usefulness was spent and no foreign lawyer was around to object.

So, McVeigh was a coward, a little hooker, lying about being a hooker in the army, playing the army and getting good results for the army, while back stabbing it or going crazy on the other side. He was the perfect weak or weakened spirit product the enemy could corrupt with Nichols and all the other. And this narcissist little Juvenile prison crack headed subscriber was never going to tell or believe that he was not the one alone. He truly believed he was the "genius" behind it.

What he may be is a scandal within our government, much like spies and what not that our leadership failed to track and was fooled by.

I find it, however, near impossible to behave/believe, that our government of incarceration temptation would go so far as to bomb its own "prison" system. These were volunteering at Murat most probably for their own self incarceration because they knew they would be incompetent otherwise. What do we know. Many work in government because they know they sin outside of it and they do not like it. McVeigh was a gazelle, going in and out of prison, and arab delinquents in France behave much the same way. They go get a crop, raise it, and then they loot the chicken coop of the farmer and run off. Then they go get stuck in a prison because it is misery, grow in the harem, and do the same thing again and again.

Putin bombed appartment buildings in his own country, ones which housed potential opponents to his rule, not a government office. He bombed us on 911, again, people outside the central complex. I do not believe in the US.gov bombing of their own budget and prison and volunteer jail wardens, and it would become quickly obvious and dangerous because some who have opposed to seeing themselves getting bombed like that by their own. Last but not least, we run the world's budget, while the Russians, through Perestroika money NEP rebuilding $$ aid, they can afford to have us and our charities come and rebuild the appartment buildings they bomb in their "own house". These are not buildings that were built of the Putin budget or were going to be directly rebuilt for or by the Putin budget...

These people are very careful about these targets. Their budget is very limited and they will use others'. Ours is limited too, but their propaganda makes people believe that we can afford this stuff because our budget is unlimitted. This is a bold face lie, but one which works as propaganda under Obama's spend without tomorrow budget make believe that will cause severe "hot climate" inflation and resulting "postpartum" winter, after which the whore will be decapitated in a nuclear strike, weak, incapable, demoralized, and disbelieving.

Now, it is entirely possible, that tragedies do occure for undercover agent. Say, if I am the Mossad and want to counter PR of protestors, then you plant agents within who will carry in firearms and create a situation where the violent ones will be portrayed or arrested as fakes. I do not think they would have to go to the length of shooting each other, much like happens in bank robbery inside jobs, because professionals do not have to go through such messy length. But a whole bunch of government agents attacking other government agents, that does not make any sense from a PR standpoint, it's much too damaging if the calculated risks fail and what not. These kinds of activities are not the mind of a bureaucrate who is more liable to get tangled up himself in budget games than be able to have the imagination to pull stunts like these. Most of this stuff is born out of experience, of past deeds, and there are reasons and histories. Programming or "buying" stunts like these only work in books for entertainment. It's too artificial and it does not come into context very well, full of blindspots for whoever is crazy enough to carry it out, with unintended consequences. We cannot view things from an inferiority complex impressed by the size, but look at it from the outside, shaking heads, because size does not matter, it is the quality with which the entity is handled (ie. whether it is a local pilot program or a large scale handling, this stuff must be tested prior, and this is how the Soviet Union and Russia is designed in Chechnya, inner social conflicts tested, and it is them who study and do this stuff and are experts are it and impress our foolish leaders with. We do not interfere in Chechnya let alone run their stupid experiments they aim for the world once they will get it if we let them).

My bet is McVeigh was somehow connected to the muslim language, much the same way Obama is connected to the muslim language of blaming Christians or Jews for robbing the chicken coop (ie. blaming catholic hospitals for not promoting abortion) and then making a run for it (stealing medical equipment from Catholic and destroying doctors who made a hypocratic oath under a faith that is none of his business in the first place except with due process of law).

All these backstabbing stories of the government etc... these conspiracy theories, they are not conspiracies per say, they are products of mind projection. Whoever concoct them can only see the world through such behavior because they are born and made of such behavior. They lazily think you can make medicines to create Mozart concertos, or that whoever pays for his own health should also pay for those who do not take care of their own health. And they see conspiracy of evil everywhere because that is what their mind is and that is how they expect everyone else, in their ignorance of not knowing why people do this or that, that they do it because of that, because they cannot conceive anything else and invent anything else as their heart is lowered, hardened and set on that kind of thinking.

It's the nature of the beast: a man and a woman may kiss in public, some children see two loving parents, muslims see two whores... now, why is that, uh? Why is it that a McVeigh would then believe in a government bombing a government? Or that other professionals would come here teased into believing they can reorient this site towards intellectual vanities of the sorts because they cannot think that some of us are for real and not just here for show? It's because they cannot imagine that they can be observed, that these things become obvious, that the vanity driven hooker product is obvious to a calm casual observer who is not tempted or distracted by the "boobs" of the "futility" of paying taxes and attacking a building full of tax collectors.

And there in lies the issue, taxes! The revolt of King Lion of Heart against the Sheriff and vice versa, with Robin Hood in the midst and charm. You buy a land, either you stay there incarcerated, or you go about finding other stuff, but if you want to keep that land, YOU HAVE TO PAY for someone to guard it, or that guard has to collect from the land itself while you are gone! One way or the other, someone is going to have to keep that stewart alive, good or bad a job he does, he still does the job and keeps wild animals out etc...

This is the very dispute the communists want to see, and McVeigh's attack on a tax building is the metaphoric communist language and PR stunt conveyed in this. Let us get every thing for free. The faux right gets free land freely kept, and the government wants its free benefits without respecting the military semi-private conquests of the owner. Wilson's error was to put to much military under government trust, others too much in the hands of mercernaries who think you can buy a politician or a soldier (Bush and other faux right and liberal conspiracy theorists) and not have to make them, form them, spiritualize them.

This is a revolt against the country and God, and not merely a dispute, because many will often love to fight each other so long it keeps them out of work.

Now, who does that benefit? What is the language context, the book, the false or real history? Noble Lie, eh? Good blood is good blood, bad blood is bad blood, and ultimately we know better and to take care of each other instead of begging at the food line in a hypocritical incompetent pseudodisciplined riot of jailbound selfish ignorance marinating stubborn kamikazes like McVeigh or his muslimo-asian ilk (because Nichols was around the Philipines, I believe).